I purchased the HeartCheck Pen in 2012 and it is continues to work reliably. I use it to monitor my pacemaker and in doing so I picked up a problem with the pacemaker firing too often. This was confirmed by a Cardiologist.

Worthy of note is now the cardiologists are asking for printouts of my readings and copying them to compare the ECG's. Quite a change and respect for the unit now compared to a few years ago.

CardioComm Solutions’ HeartCheck Pen is a great product and has identified two major problems before they became a major issue. Anyone with Atria-Fib will have more awareness of their Heart Health before major issues develop if they use a HeartCheck Pen.

Thank you CardioComm Solutions for developing an excellent product.

Roland W.
British Columbia, Canada

I have tried several devices which record heart function (ECG) and connect to a service that reviews the results. I have found the best device and service to be CardioComm Solutions’ HeartCheck BT Pen. My cardiologist prefers the reports from CardioComm Solutions to those from others like Kardia. He says Kardia's tracings are "pretty graphs" but sometimes filters too much information that he could interpret if the information were there.

Tom V.
California, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the HeartCheck™ Pen for a few years now and it has been a valuable monitoring tool. Last October early in the month I noticed a slight pause in heart rate, not much, however it was different. The following week I fainted during moderate exercising, recovered right away, no ill effects and went home. Checked heart rate with the Heart Check pen and noticed the pauses, enough that I went to Emergency. 24 hours later they installed a 'Pacemaker'. I attribute the HeartCheck™ Pen readings to make the decision to go to the hospital.

I recommend the Pen for use by anyone who has a heart condition and wants to check and save the readings on a computer for use by medical follow-up. Easy to use, convenient and has been very reliable over the last few years. I thank CardioComm Solutions.

Roland W.
British Columbia, Canada

I have had many unsuccessful Holters trying to catch my arrhythmia, but since it occurs only every week or two, a 3-day Holter invariably misses it. I even had a 7-day Holter that missed it. The solution has been to get a Heart Check and use it whenever I have symptoms. Today I gave my doctor a pile of printouts of my Heart Check rhythm strips, and it caught the various presentations of my arrhythmia perfectly. I was able to do measurements over the course of a couple of hours to demonstrate the response to treatment.

It also means I don't have to wear that uncomfortable Holter for three days and avoid getting it wet. The HeartCheck™ has really helped.

Heather D.
Ontario, Canada

Once the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN was successfully unlocked, the performance of the device was exactly what I had hoped for. With a careful reading of the instructions and some practice I obtained more than adequate results. Everyone I have shown the device is very impressed that such good results could be obtained from such a small and simple package. Just the fact that I can see for myself what is going on with my body gives me great peace of mind and relieves me of days if not weeks of anxiety from navigating the normal channels of our local health care system.

Thank you very much for a great product.

Dave K.
Fairbanks, Alaska

Subsequent to open heart surgery, aortic valve replacement plus triple by-pass, my doctors have wired me with event monitors for 24 hours and sometime 72 hours, the stick-on patches and wires are both uncomfortable and inconvenient. I searched for an alternative, discovered and purchased a CardioComm Solutions, HeartCheck™ ECG PEN, which has allowed me to conveniently self-record my heart rhythm [ECG] and keep reading records on my home PC. When my HeartCheck™ ECG PEN indicates an abnormal rhythm I request a reading report via the Gems software and the SMART Monitoring ECG reading service; the ECG report I get back indicates if an appoint with my cardiologist is advised. The HeartCheck ECG PEN is hand held ( no wires ) and easily fits in my shirt pocket, it gives me peace of mind; I would recommend that persons with heart issues, and particularly seniors [65+] with heart issues, purchase a hand held CardioComm Solutions device and use the ECG reporting service.

Don H.
senior citizen, Phoenix, AZ – HeartCheck™ ECG PEN user for 2 years

I want to thank CardioComm Solutions for their careful attention and follow-up on our recent order of the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN product.  We purchased the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN a year ago and my husband and I have found the product very easy to use and obtained excellent quality ECG tracings. The best news is that we finally had a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation for my husband and he was able to receive the needed treatment. His cardiologist was very impressed with the ECG PEN and shared it with his colleagues.

My husband is doing pretty well today.  He was having  an episode of atrial fibrillation every time he did some sports activity so he stopped. The atrial fibrillation has lessened greatly  from 2 episodes a week to 2 episodes in 2 months. He is back to the cardiologist in July, maybe he'll have an answer for it. We used the device to confirm that he was again having atrial fibrillation.

The HeartCheck™ ECG PEN continues to be useful and we appreciate CardioComm Solutions’ efforts to help people living with arrhythmias to have some control over their condition. Good news for your company is that the Pharmaprix where I initially went looking for your product now stocks the HeartCheck™ PEN. I noticed it last week when I was in there”

Linda F.
Montreal, Quebec.

"I saw the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN device at Shoppers Drug Mart while waiting for a prescription. I have high blood pressure, and many in my family have heart problems. I liked the fact that you take the ECG test at home and it is read by doctors so I decided to purchase it. This device is very simple to set up and use.

The first thing I did was to download the GEMS Home program. To do this I followed the instructions provided. I recommend everyone watch the YouTube video it helps when you are setting up the program and using the device. It is a little tricky the first time you actually use it and I found I was holding it too tight which made it malfunction. I must admit I got a little frustrated and emailed the company. I decided to watch the YouTube video again, problem solved and away I went. In no time at all I received my test results.

I would recommend this device to anyone over the age of 50 that may be at a high risk for heart problems. I have told my brother about it and he is going to purchase one as well. Thank you CardioComm Solutions"

Ida H.
Ontario, Canada

"I was searching the Internet for portable devices for monitoring my heart rhythm assuming that since there were devices for blood pressure why not heart rhythm.  I came across a couple in the UK and then found the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN though an AF website I found.  When I reviewed the company’s web site I was very impressed for what it did, the price point and the fact it is FDA approved.  My brother in law does consulting for companies getting FDA approve for medical devices and he checked the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN out on the FDA site and was impressed by their submission and approval.

I find the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN easy to use and convenient as when I travel. By using the ECG PEN I am able to provide  information to my doctor with more detail and convenience than ever before.  In addition it is extremely cost effective vs visits to the doctors' office for an EKG or using a Holter monitor "

Tim L.
Pleasanton, CA

"I bought a HeartCheck ECG monitor in July 2013 and it came with a small disc with 'Heart Check' Version 2.0 software which I tried loading and it didn't work correctly. It wouldn't connect with the monitor. I then downloaded the "GEMS Home" software from the HeartCheck website it allowed me verify my e-mail and connected with the monitor, however I needed to use an activation code, which I don't think came with my monitor at the time. The reason was that the connectivity between the HeartCheck ECG monitor and GEMS Home was added to the product after I bought the device. GEMS Home was initially only compatible with the HeartCheck ECG PEN device (no prescription needed).

I contacted CardioComm Solutions and was provided with an authentication code and support. I want to thank to all the support staff at CardioComm Solutions for their quick help in helping me trouble shoot authenticating my HeartCheck ECG Monitor with GEMS Home. They both work great now! You guys are the best and thanks for backing your equipment. Which is something that is harder and harder to find these days; with most companies."

Bill K.
Satellite Beach, Florida

"It is hard to believe that I have had the device since 2013.....

I use the Heart Check Pen because my doctor wants to be sure that I let him know if I go back in to AFib. Since I have never detected AFib on my own (no specific feeling or physical discomfort) I rely on my tests to tell me if there is a problem.

I would be delighted to test any new Bluetooth device that you come up with. I appreciate your remembering me."

Mr. V
Piedmont, CA

"I had not been in A-Fib in over a couple of years but last week I was exercising and felt myself go into A-Fib. I took my 'pill in the pocket' treatment and a few hours later went back into normal sinus rhythm. I was so grateful to be able to monitor myself with the Heartcheck PEN during this episode and I didn't have to go to the ER which probably saved me a few thousand dollars. Since I purchased the Heartcheck PEN in 2012, it has given me piece of mind many times. When I feel palpitations, even though I know that they are simple palpitations, it makes me feel better to be able to confirm that I am not in A-Fib."

Andrea S.
Jasper, GA, USA

"Three years after aortic valve replacement and three coronary artery bypass grafts, I began experiencing TIA's. A cardiologist out fitted me with an event monitor for 7 days; I was required to turn on the event monitor when or immediately after having an "event". The monitor, which I wore around the neck had two wires attached to two stick on pads, only recorded for 15 seconds and only had a 2 event and a 30 second memory capacity. After two event recordings the device had to be uploaded over the telephone. The results were "inconclusive ".

From a user/patient prospective, the HeartCheck Pen, is convenient, unobtrusive, and handy; the GEMS Home software is a Big Plus, because, unlike other ECG recording devices, the patient has control over the recordings, and can download and print out the same to take to one or more physicians without going through the "referral" process, which enables the patient to get an unbiased "second" opinion.

Your company has an A+ product and service and is something everyone over 65 with heart conditions should have."

Don H.
Sun City West, Arizona

"The HeartCheck PEN has clear readings and can capture my arrhythmia events. My events last a couple of minutes and so there is not enough time to get to the hospital and have my ECG taken. The physician needs an ECG the moment of the event to identify what kind of arrhythmia I am experiencing to ensure I am taking the appropriate medication or even to recommend surgery. I need a device like the HeartCheck PEN to continue to monitor myself because even though I am taking medication for my arrhythmia there is no guarantee that I won't experience another event. I am also very pleased with CardioComm's support service."

D. Toneli – Sao Jose dos
Campos, Brazil

"My Doctor recommended that I buy and iPhone and the device that goes with it. I told him that I had a new Windows 8 phone and that I did not care for Apple products. I told him that I would "check around."

I bought your product from Amazon after talking with someone in the US connected to your web site. Amazon's 2 reviews were bad but written by Apple jockeys.

I have sent several reports to my Cardiologist and he says they are clear and helpful."

Tom V

"In the last two weeks, we have purchased the HeartCheck PEN and the HeartCheck ECG Monitor. Initially, we had problems with the HeartCheck devices, which were resolved quickly and efficiently by the CardioComm Solutions customer support staff.

We were only able to upload some of the recordings from the HeartCheck ECG Monitor, but were unable to retrieve and view the reports on the computer. Since last Thursday, I have exchanged numerous e-mails with their staff, who always replied very quickly. After it become apparent that the problem could not be resolved via e-mail, I was encouraged to call to today for personal discussion . Numerous approaches to resolve this issue were attempted and after they had access to our computer via remote connection all of various problems were resolved.

I am extremely pleased with the outstanding service provided by the CardioComm customer support staff which was way above the call of duty. For many years I have had usually good experience with on-line and phone tech support, but theirs was certainly was the best.

I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent staff, which seem to care very much about customer service. "

Karen S.
Vancouver, Canada

"It does make me feel secure knowing I can check for AFIB if I think something is wrong. When you have chronic problems like pain it is extremely difficult to accept that other things are not also going bad and having a way to quickly reality check is wonderful. "

J. Pyskaty
Marina, CA

"I have purchased the HeartCheck Pen to help with my exercise program. I have found the device very useful in monitoring my performance when I bring my heart to its maximum beats per minute. It is an excellent tool in monitoring heart performance during training sessions."

Sean C.

"After a month or two with the heart check pen, I wanted to give you my feedback on the product: My heart recovery is going well so far thank God. The pen is giving me comfort knowing that I can check my heart rhythm anytime I want. Overall, I think this is a good product. Here are my comments.

My cardiologist likes the product because it will give good Heart Rhythm readings. In fact, he will be recommending it to several of his patients. He has patients that are very anxious about their heart rhythms and believes that this will give them some peace of mind."

Frank P.
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada