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The HeartCheck™ PEN Handheld ECG device was developed by CardioComm Solutions, Inc. CardioComm Solutions, Inc. ("CardioComm") has been a consistent provider of ECG management software solutions in the English speaking world for the past 16 years. Its products are marketed as Global EKG Management System (GEMS™ and GlobalCardio™).

Below are links to our research work to illustrate that we are an accepted technology and are proven in being able to screen and monitor ECGs for the monitoring and detection of arrhythmias.

CardioComm Solutions and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Partner to Perform Community Based ECG Screening in Support of the "Screen for Atrial Fibrillation Everywhere (SAFE)" Study ...
CardioComm Solutions Establishes Research Partnership with University of Texas at Austin for HeartCheck™ ECG Services in Clinical Neuroendocrinology ...

CardioComm Solutions Completes Technology Pilot in the Long-Term Patient Care Market with the HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor and SMART Monitoring ECG Service Technologies ...
CardioComm Solutions to Offer Free SMART Monitoring ECG Readings to HeartCheck™ Device Owners through GEMS Home in the United States ...

CardioComm Solutions' HeartCheck™ ECG Screening Technologies Superior to Pulse Check for Atrial Fibrillation Screening and Detection ...
CardioComm Solutions' HeartCheck™ Technologies to be used in Canadian Clinical Arrhythmia Risk Screening and Stoke Prevention Trial ...


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How it Works

Perform an ECG screening when conducting a health assessment of your clients as they start a membership and then on a regular basis during their program. This can be offered as part of their membership fees or as an additional fee as or when needed.
1. Capture
Using the HeartCheck™ PEN device, take your client’s heart reading from anywhere in only 30 seconds. 
2. Connect
Using the USB cable provided, connect the device to your computer to view and manage your client’s heart recordings.
3. Transmit
Using the HeartCheck™ software provided, send your client’s heart readings to a physician for professional analysis.
4. Report
After the physician analyses and interprets your client’s heart readings, a full report is made available in the HeartCheck™ software.

Video Tutorial

Why Become a Partner?

Increase Revenue
Heart readings can be captured in 30 seconds from anywhere your appointments are. HeartCheck™ Partners may manage the fees clients pay for Heart Rhythm Analysis Reports or incorporate Heart Rhythm reviews (ECG interpretations as part of your monthly membership benefits).

Expand into New Markets
Appeal to clients with heart disease or those at an increased risk.

Partner with Industry Leaders
The HeartCheck™ Brand is powered by CardioComm Solutions, Inc, a publically traded organization which has been providing hospitals and clinics leading edge cardiovascular technology for over 16 years.

Easy Start up, Quick Return
The affordable HeartCheck™ Starter Kit provides all of the tools a partner needs to hit the ground running and start earning extra revenue on Heart Analysis Reporting.




This is a preview of new heart monitoring devices that may bear the HeartCheck™ brand for introduction into the Health and Wellness Medical markets. 

The devices shown will offer simple to use technologies to meet the needs of businesses and consumers taking control of everyone's heart health.

  • For business who want offer true vital signs monitoring and cutting edge medical wellness screening for their clients and membership.
  • For individuals who have an interest in monitoring their heath and screening for potential heart health changes that help to avoid developing cardiac disease or having a stroke.
  • For those with a health issue and want to take more control over monitoring their health and managing their medical condition.

The devices shown are in our product pipeline and intended to have FDA clearances and Health Canada approvals. These devices will be wearable, Smartphone connected and be offered at prices to meet everyone's budgets. 


Starter Kit - What is Included

1 x HeartCheck™ PEN Handheld ECG Device
The HeartCheck™ PEN is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA and licensed by Health Canada for public use. The HeartCheck™ PEN’s electrocardiogram (ECG) technology can accurately measure the electrical activity of your heart using signals produced through your fingers. The data is displayed as a trace on its OLED screen and is stored within the device.

GEMS™ Home ECG Management Software
GEMS™ Home is an easy-to-use desktop application that works seamlessly with the HeartCheck™ PEN device. Once GEMS™ Home is installed, simply connect the HeartCheck™ PEN to your computer using the USB cable provided and GEMS™ allows you to view*, save, manage, and tranmsit heart readings to a real doctor for professional analysis. 

Prepaid SMART Monitoring Credits
HeartCheck™ SMART Monitoring credits allow you to transmit heart readings, taken from the HeartCheck™ PEN, to a real doctor for online analysis. Once a doctor receives and analyzes an ECG reading, an ECG Analysis Report is made available by email and within the GEMS™ Home software. Each SMART Monitoring credit is good for one ECG Analysis Report. 

Partner Training & Support 
In addition to our easy-to-follow video tutorials and Quick Start Guide; as a HeartCheck™ Partner, you also enjoy the benefit of being able to schedule comprehensive over-the-phone training and support sessions with our live HeartCheck™ representatives. 

Marketing Kit
The HeartCheck™ Marketing Kit contains all of the materials needed to successfully launch your new service. Here are the items included in the kit: 

  • Official Partner website
    Each HeartCheck Partner is provided with an official HeartCheck™ website listing that will link to a web address of your choice.
  • Quick Start Booklet
    The HeartCheck™ Quick Start Booklet contains easy-to-follow instructions that take you step by step, from taking heart readings using the HeartCheck™ PEN, to downloading and printing ECG analysis reports for your clients. 
  • Personalized Partner Posters 
    Generate interest in your new service with these HeartCheck™ branded in-store posters. 
  • Partner Window Cling
    Apply your Official HeartCheck™ Partner window cling 
    at the entrance of your business and let your clients know that you`re an official HeartCheck™ Partner before they even step inside. 
  • Customized Tri-fold Brochures
    Allow your clients to take home one of our easy-to-read HeartCheck™ brochures with your business information. An electronic file will be provided in a business personalized brochure that you can email or print for promoting your HeathCheck™ Partner services.

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