GEMS™ Universal ECG


GEMS™ Universal ECG is an FDA-cleared mobile app used for recording and managing ECGs using a number of different ECG monitors. It is intended to be used by consumers without the need for a prescription and is based on the same ECG software that is used and trusted by physicians in hospitals across North America.

GEMS™ Universal ECG is free for download but requires monthly/annual subscription in order to record new ECG data. When paired with a supported ECG device, GEMS™ Universal ECG allows you to view, print and send your ECG for medical review. Professionally reviewed results are available for a fee and are received in as little as 30 minutes. The results can indicate the presence or absence of more than four dozen heart arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation and QT prolongation. Subscriptions come with one physician review per month included. You can also see your ECG print-out in near real-time at no additional cost to be shared with a healthcare professional.

One time set up is easy and GEMS™ Universal ECG ensures the safety of your data and the protection of your smart phone/device through the use of the latest technologies that our hospital customers demand.

All supported ECG devices are hand-held, Bluetooth connected and with long lasting battery life. They are also very compact and easy to carry anywhere.

Supported GEMS™ Universal ECG Devices