CardioComm Solutions' ECG monitoring technologies enable medical devices and communication portals to record, transfer, view, analyze and store electrocardiograms (EKGs) over global virtual healthcare networks used by healthcare professionals for the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients. Since its foundation, the Company has provided innovative heart monitoring connectivity and back-end solutions to the cardiovascular medicine, telemedicine and OTC sectors globally.

Traditional clients are medical professionals, hospitals, patient care groups, researchers/academic centers, clinics and commercial call/scanning services who are all required to access, manage and transmit mobile ECG data securely over LAN/WAN, or Internet based networks and ASP services.

The Company's core technology platform is called Global ECG Management System (“GEMS”™), which holds several software-as-a-medical device Class II clearances in both Canada and the US. In the EU, GEMS is a Class I medical device. All source code and intellectual property is proprietary and owned outright by the Company. Major client sectors include hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, patient management platforms, research groups, pharmaceutical companies and call centers). The Company has sold its technologies into over 20 countries, with the largest customer base located in the US.

CardioComm Solutions is ISO 13485:2016 certified under the Medical Device Single Audit Plan (MDSAP) for Canada and the US and its products are cleared for sale in the United States, Canada and the European Union. Utilizing a proprietary technology and ECG (signal) viewer unlike any other competitor has, and by offering flexible open ended work flow solutions, CardioComm Solutions provides the right solution for use with the majority of the world's cardiac event monitors, including those intended for the home and tele-health market.

CardioComm has leveraged its extensive knowledge and experience in the medical markets to develop consumer-use heart rhythm and ECG recording solutions paired with an ECG reading service called SMART Monitoring to extend a person's ability to monitor their heart health themselves. In 2019, CardioComm secured FDA and Health Canada Class II medical device clearance on the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat ECG monitor and the GEM™ Mobile Smartphone app, the newest additions to the growing number of HeartCheck™ branded/compatible devices. All HeartCheck devices permit the viewing of a person's actual ECG waveform while a recording is being taken. The GEMS™ Home and Mobile software allows the ECG recording to be viewed and printed as a PDF. Additionally, both the PC and Smartphone GEMS™ software supports a fee-for-service ECG reading service where consumers pay to have their ECGs reviewed for the presence or absence of arrhythmias. The SMART Monitoring ECG reading service allows HeartCheck™ device owners to have ECG readings provided within 30 minutes, on a 24/7/365 basis. By the end of 2019, the Company expects to have at least three OTC, HeartCheck Branded, ECG monitoring devices available in North America.

Of noted importance is that the GEMS Mobile app is the only FDA cleared multi-device compatible ECG management app called available as an ECG monitoring solutions that can be offered directly to consumers.

CardioComm is extending its consumer technology reach into sports, health, wellness and telemedicine markets. Such efforts will facilitate the introduction of new wearable devices such as Smartwatches, chest straps, smart garments and patches that will collect additional monitored bio-signs and multiple ECG leads/channels options (1, 3 and 12 lead). Additionally, the HeartCheck™ brand will be expanded to other bio-sign monitoring devices compatible with CardioComm's technologies.

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