QT Interval Prolongation is a risk factor for Sudden Cardiac Death.

When monitoring medications to your patients and you see a QT Interval prolongation risk What Can You Do?

You can now offer an option to Screen for QT Interval Prolongation prior to the start of such medications and during the course of treatment.

To effectively screen your patients, frequent ECG monitoring is recommended since in some cases, potentially lethal arrhythmias may not always be present at the time of testing. Monitoring ECGs on a repeated basis, over an extended period of time is recommended.

The HeartCheck™ ECG PEN can be a resource to your patients and your pharmacy team.

The HeartCheck™ PEN
handheld ECG device

Repeat QT interval screening is one such test that can easily be offered in-pharmacy. For those who wish to monitor themselves at home, the HeartCheck ECG PEN is now offered as a pharmacy purchase across Canada.
The HeartCheck™ PEN in conjunction with SMART Monitoring services may reduce the risk for sudden cardiac death
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