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Portable EKG Machines

Get a grip on stroke and heart disease

The HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for consumer use.

The pocket-sized PEN allows you to take heart readings from anywhere, the moment symptoms appear.

How it works:

Handheld ECG Monitor, wireless ekg machine, wireless heart monitor
Using the HeartCheck™ PEN device, or portable EKG machines, simply take heart readings the moment you feel any symptoms.
Using the USB cable provided, connect the portable EKG machines to your computer to view and manage your heart recordings
Portable EKG Machines, EKG Machines Portable
Print or Email
Print or email your heart readings to share with your doctor or surgeon before an appointment*
Using the software provided, send your heart readings from the portable EKG machines to a physician, clinic, or ECG Coordinating centre for professional analysis*

The HeartCheck™ PEN

Heart readings can be taken anytime symptoms appear, from anywhere including at home, the office, the gym, or in remote areas which are currently inaccessible to the common ECG machines found in hospitals and clinics.

Screen yourself, friends, or family members for potentially lethal heart diseases*
Help manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, afib, and more...
Monitor the effects of medications
Monitor your heart after a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiac events
Monitor your heart after surgeries such as angioplasty, bypass, or other procedures affecting the heart

* the HeartCheck™ PEN can be unlocked to view your ECG waveform by CardioComm Solutions, Inc under the direction of a physician

*Self Measurment is not the same as medical diagnosis. Please consult your doctor

Portable EKG Machines

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HeartCheck PEN video
HeartCheck PEN video

Features & Benefits

check Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
check Easy to use
check Accurate heart readings in
only 30 seconds
check Store up to 20 heart rhythms
check Unlock the PEN to view and print your own ECGs*
check With SMART Monitoring, ECGs can be monitored remotely by a physician, clinic, or ECG coordinating centre.*

Research has shown that regular ECG-based heart screening significantly reduces the risk of
sudden cardiac death.

Source: JAMA 2006 and Circulation 2012.

SMART Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind of having your heart rhythm analyzed and interpreted by a physician or ECG coordinating centre at any time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Customer Testimonial:

I have been demonstrating the HeartCheck™ PEN unit to other cardiac patients and some Heart Rehab professionals, as well as directing them to the HeartCheck website.
Feedback from them has been very positive. Excitement is building!

T. Edward - Ontario Canada

Customer Testimonial:

Everybody loves the pen!  I showed it to my doctor and they are going to be ordering.

C. Herrin - Mississippi USA

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