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Heart Rhythm and ECG self monitoring SIMPLIFIED!

FDA Cleared and Bluetooth connected Handheld ECG Devices

$129 US

$99 US

$299 US

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Special ECG Triage Review Introductory Price!

CardioComm Solutions has announced the release of GEMS™ Mobile, a Smartphone app for use with Bluetooth HeartCheck™ devices.

In recognition of all our current customers and to welcome the addition of new customers who will purchase the new HeartCheck™ Palm and HeartCheck™ CardiBeat Bluetooth devices, we have introduced special pricing for ECG Triages to all GEMS™ Home, GEMS™ Home Flex and GEMS™ Mobile users**.

Anyone with a HeartCheck™ Device can request ECG Technician reviews now for $1.99 US** per ECG.

For more information on these devices or to purchase pre-paid ECG Triage reviews see our shopify store here.
Click here for more information on our SMART Monitoring ECG reading service.

**This is a special time limited offer and is subject to change without notice
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The HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for consumer use.

Monitor For Arrhythmias Anywhere
Web Access to a Qualified Physician
No Prescription Required

The pocket-sized PEN allows you to take heart readings from anywhere, the moment symptoms appear.
Screen yourself, friends, or family members for potentially lethal heart diseases
Monitor the effects of medications
Manage conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, afib, and more...
Monitor your heart after surgeries such as angioplasty, bypass, or other procedures affecting the heart
Monitor your heart after a heart attack, stroke or other cardiac events
The only ECG device licensed by Health Canada for consumer use

Approvals and Clearances