I bought the PEN, why did I only receive a manual in French?

Please ensure you check the inside of the HeartCheck Device box. The English manual will be below the tray on which the device sits, along with the USB cable. You may also download the Manual in PDF form from our website HERE.

How do I unlock the PEN?

In order to Unlock the HeartCheck PEN you Must Upload your One Free ECG for interpretation to the GEMS Home Call center. View video below for more information at the 5:20 mark.

Do I need a prescription from a physician to unlock the PEN?

No prescription is required. Simply submit one ECG for interpretation (the first one is free) in order to unlock the PEN. Submitting your ECGs is quick and easy to do using the GEMS Home software. Your ECG report will be ready in less than 48 hours. GEMS Home will notify you when a new report is ready for download ? clicking on the notification will facilitate downloading the report. You will then be able to view the ECG interpretation report, unlock the PEN and view all your ECG waveform recordings in GEMS Home.

What can I do with GEMS Home?

GEMS Home offers a lot of utility as outlined on this page: GEMS HOME

LOCKED PEN: GEMS Home can import and permanently store your ECG recordings made with the PEN on your PC. You can keep a diary of notes for each of your ECG recordings and view your average heart rate for each recording.

You may upload your recordings to our coordinating center for triage by a technician ($4.99) or interpretation by a physician ($12.50). The first interpretation by physician is free and allows you to unlock the PEN.

UNLOCKED PEN: You may view and print all ECG recordings with ECG waveforms displayed. Reports from our coordinating center will also display ECG triage or interpretation information and measurements.

Does GEMS Home work on a MAC?

We recommend you run GEMS™ Home software on a Windows based platform. If you only have access to a MAC then you can use Bootcamp with a copy of the Windows platform installed. Our recommendations to run Windows with Bootcamp are the following:
• Copy of Bootcamp (free with Mac)

• Copy of Windows OS version 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. This will require you to purchase a copy either online or in CD form.

• 64 bit version of Windows. Currently Bootcamp is not compatible with 32 bit versions of Windows.

• An Intel Mac with OS X version 10.6 or later

• At least 2GB of RAM and 20GB of available space on the Mac’s storage drive to dedicate to Windows

• A blank CD or USB storage device that you’ll use for Windows software drivers

Once Windows has been installed on your MAC using Bootcamp, please proceed to download GEMS Home from the following link

If I try the device and am not satisfied with it what is the return policy?

CardioComm Solutions, Inc., does not accept returns of products except as noted by the product warranty. Please refer to your specific product warranty and contact our support department for further assistance. In general, warranty repairs and replacements are for defective product only.

How do I install .Net 3.5 on various operating systems?

Installation instructions for .NET 3.5 can be viewed by clicking here

What is the difference between a Locked and Unlocked PEN?

When you purchase a PEN it will be supplied locked. A Locked PEN will display a beating heart symbol instead of the ECG waveform and you will not be able to view the waveform when you import recordings to GEMS Home. An unlocked PEN will display the ECG waveform during recording, you will be able to play back the ECG waveform on the PEN and you will be able to view ECG waveforms in all recordings you import to GEMS Home. Unlocking your PEN is free and easy.

Why won't the PEN unlock after receiving my first ECG report?

The report Must be viewed in the Smart Monitoring tab of GEMS Home then Select the Unlock icon under Manage Data.

Where can I download GEMS Home?

GEMS Home may be downloaded from this link: DOWNLOAD GEMS HOME

What does the PEN display?

LOCKED PEN: The PEN displays your average heart rate after each recording.

UNLOCKED PEN: During recording the PEN displays a real-time ECG waveform along with an audible beep. Recordings are time stamped and can be reviewed on the PEN. At the end of recording your heart rate (HR) will be displayed as well as an indication of normal heart rhythm or other findings.

I have received a discount offer but when I try to order online I see a higher price, what's going on?

After you enter your contact information/address and click through to the next screen you will see Discounts at the top of the page. Enter your coupon code into this field, click apply and the discount will be applied to your order.

Can I downgrade GEMS Home to an older version?

No, downgrading could cause unknown behavior and is not supported.

Can I use the HeartCheck PEN if I have an implanted pacemaker?

The HeartCheck™ devices will allow a person to record and assess the rate, rhythm and morphology of their heart's electrical activity (an electrocardiogram or ECG) with the help of an experienced ECG reader.

Where a person has a pacemaker implanted, The HeartCheck™ device will allow capturing of the ECG which may help in identifying pacemaker activity. When a pacemaker is not working, the heart's normal sinus rhythm (called NSR) is controlling the heart's activity. During this time of NSR, an ECG recording would allow that person's own cardiac rhythm to be captured for review to see if there is an arrhythmia present or not.

Where a cardiac pacemaker is active the majority of the time, The HeartCheck™ device would confirm the pacemaker is working.

If a pacemaker is not on all the time, the HeartCheck™ ECG devices would be useful for the monitoring of arrhythmias or rhythm disturbances when the pacemaker is not on.

Using a HeartCheck™ ECG device does not interfere with a pacemaker's operation and there is no risk to you or your implanted device. The contraindication noted in the product material related is simply to the fact that no NSR or biologically based rhythm disturbances can be detected with the HeartCheck™ ECG device while a pacemaker is working.

Can I use more than one copy of GEMS Home with my HeartCheck Device?

If you choose you can install GEMS™ Home on more than one PC or laptop to use with your HeartCheck™ device.

Things to keep in mind if using more than one instance of GEMS™ Home. You will need to create a user for each version of GEMS™ Home and verify your email and HeartCheck device. Data stored on one instance of GEMS™ Home will not be shared with another instance; your data on each install of GEMS™ Home will be completely separate. ECGs you send up to Smart Monitoring for review will only be viewable and reports returned to that instance of GEMS™ Home, they will not be viewable in all instances of GEMS™ Home.

PayPal Transaction Invalid message when selecting a physician or Technician review?

If you are receiving a "This Transaction is Invalid" message like the one below please follow the instructions to apply a patch to resolve the issue;


1) Download PayPalFix.exe file

2) Run PayPalFix.exe and note that it finishes successfully without reporting errors.

3) PayPal will now allow the transactions thru on your next Smart Monitoring review request.

Please Note: the patch needs to be applied for each Windows user (not GEMS Home) separately. If more than one users logs onto the PC and uses GEMS Home then each user will need to run the patch while logged in.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact Customer Support at

I had a heart attack, would the HeartCheck ECG PEN be useful to me to monitor myself?

The HeartCheck ECG PEN is appropriate to monitor and record your heart rate, heart rhythm and ECG morphology. The HeartCheck device can be used to monitor under routine use or when symptoms are felt to help rule in or rule out the presence of a cardiac rhythm disturbance during the recording period.

Changes in the heart rhythm or ECG characteristics (such as QRS morphology or duration) can occur after a cardiac event such as a heart attack. The device is not appropriate for determining if a heart attack is occurring. If there is any chance of a heart attack, the appropriate response is to dial 911 right away. The HeartCheck ECG PEN is not appropriate for diagnosis of blockage in the coronary arteries.

I have recently loaded GEMS Home on a new computer. I cannot see ECGs on the software like I was able to on my older computer. What do I do?

You will need to re-authenticate your HeartCheck™ ECG PEN device on the new computer. To do this follow the following steps.

1. Open GEMS Home
2. Click on Preferences
3. Select Device Authentication tab
4. Click Authenticate Device
5. Then Click Ok.

Now you should be able to see the waveform in GEMS Home and to print local ECG reports.